What’s Your Price For Flight?

My lovely wife bought me Rock Band 3 for Christmas. I already owned some incarnation of Guitar Hero (also a gift, also from wife), so a plastic guitar with five clacky plastic buttons and clackier strum bar already cluttered a corner of our living room. Guitar Hero belongs to that genre of video game known […]

Official Lego Harley?

Screenshots released today of Harley Quinn from Lego Batman: The Videogame, which means this is probably what the actual minifig will look like in a kit released later on this year. I like the head, but I still think my torso design is better. More screenshots at Shacknews. On a related note, I love Paul […]

Chess with the Google Web Toolkit

My brother-in-law and I have been playing chess by e-mail for the last few months. This has been less than optimal: we use the old style English notation rather than algebraic notation, and he sets up a real board while I use Apple Chess, so there’s always some transcription from mail to board. Invariably one […]

“gg” just makes it worse

I can’t claim credit for the original idea; someone else did a Star Wars themed version over on RPGnet, in this thread. I just thought Kill Bill was a better fit. Click image for the full version (1287 x 765, 313Kib). Incidentally, crazy42’s quote is exactly what was mailed to my Nintendo DS while playing […]

Yeah, it’s December!

November is over, and with it go my seasonal doldrums. I was mildly disgruntled at work for half the month for all the usual reasons, but it is now December, vacation is coming up, and I am so over it. Any further dwelling on this topic would lead to rants of the sort that would […]