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My name is Julian Fong. I answer to Jules, but usually only to close friends. Note that my middle initial is Y, not H, nor do I get really excited about giant armored robots. As a result, this means I have never posted a message on rec.games.mecha, and probably never will. If you think I’m mistaken, then you’re probably looking for someone else.


I was born in 1978 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, which flags me as both a townie, and a Newfie. (Substitute the word “Newfie” for “blonde” in every dumb blonde joke you’ve ever heard and then some, and you get the idea what this means in Canada.) I moved to Vancouver, BC when I was 4 and lived there for most of my life. As a result, I don’t have any trace of a Newfoundlander brogue. I still, however, like blueberries. And my mom still sometimes cooks the strangest brewis recipe you’ve ever seen.

While growing up, I spent many of my formative years living in grocery stores (or the house attached to one). This partially explains my attitude adjustment problems (I have been held up once at gunpoint, although in retrospect it may have just been a flare gun), but on the plus side, I’m still very good at making change, and can calculate in my head 7% of any monetary amount.

After surviving high school, I spent five years at UBC getting my Computer Science degree. In general, I didn’t like school, and it returned the favour, although I suppose I did fairly well. What ultimately kept me sane and made me employable was UBC’s co-op program, which gave me the opportunity to work at the NRC, Electronic Arts, and Vertigo Software.

After graduation and 8 months of noodling around in UBC research projects and their offspring, I moved to the city of Emeryville, California, in order to work at Pixar. I stayed in the Bay Area for three years working as a technical support engineer for PhotoRealistic RenderMan rendering software, and related tools. In March 2002, fed up with continuous sunshine, the insane cost of living, and the car-centric way of life in the Bay Area, I moved to Seattle to become a software engineer, still working on Pixar’s PRMan.


In early 2006, fed up with the continuous drizzle, the reasonable cost of living, and the monorail that never got built in Seattle, I moved back to Oakland. Actually, moving in with my girlfriend Susan had more to do with it. And yes, I still work at Pixar.


I used to spend a lot of time playing piano (“classical” repertoire), taking lessons with Lorraine Ambrose at the Vancouver Academy and probably disappointing her when I decided to major in Computer Science. I still keep it up, although I’ve switched over more to the cello, which I find much more challenging and rewarding in different ways. I love chamber music and try to find any opportunity to play it.

I used to participate in taekwondo at the UC Martial Arts Program of UC Berkeley, where I reached the status of 6th kup (green belt). I still regularly go gym climbing, formerly at the Berkeley Ironworks, now at Vertical World.

I watch far too much trashy TV, the occasional trashy movies (“high concept” ones especially), and have been known to read voraciously.

I collect Lego and Transformers. I’ve been known to dabble in stop-motion animation. I sometimes pretend that I have artistic talent.

Other Oddities

Squarefish Logo
The thing on the left which also infests this site in various forms is supposed to be a square fish. The thing on the right is an abstract representation of my Chinese name. They’re related because “square fish” is a horrible pun on my name either my Dad or my sister invented ages ago. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to thinking about it squarefish.com was taken by some web design company.

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