Son Of A Preacher Man

A couple of months ago, I was listening to Dusty Springfield’s “Son Of A Preacher Man” on the radio, and suddenly realized the bass line was something quite extraordinary. I’ve been paying more attention to bass lines as I learn how to play bass, and until then hadn’t noticed this one right under my noise, right off the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.

Here’s my transcription of that amazing pentatonic bass line played by Tommy Cogbill.

Fingerings are my own (and may not be to your taste).

7 thoughts on “Son Of A Preacher Man

  1. so very right. extraordinary. i’ve been learning this song (on the piano) today for a silly hotel gig with a singer, and luckily
    i had the DSG ??? boost on on the little Sony system that i run my laptop thru. the other night i listened to it a couple of times for the chords, but now the bass is jumping out at me. Such a deep groove.Amazing. And thanks for the name of the bassist.
    Since you’ve done all this work , i may as well do it right and learn the part properly (on the guitar
    , and then on the piano). thanks.

  2. Thanks for the transcription. I will be using it to practice. I really like the song, but honestly don’t understand what is so special about the bass line (I am a beginning bassist). I see that it is based on the pentatonic scale, but what makes it so special? Thanks in advance.

  3. Such a classic track – this bass line is pretty special for sure! Just imagine what the song would be like without the bass lineā€¦! Thanks for posting.

  4. Just wanted to thank you for this transcription! It’s saved me hours and hours of replaying the same phrase again and again trying to work out the exact fill…a really nice piece of work, and I really appreciate it – cheers!

  5. Thanks for your hard work in transcribing! I was going to transcribe it myself in order to learn it for a dep gig, but you saved me hours of time! Much appreciated. God Bless.

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