ChessByBlog 1.1.5

Somewhat long overdue release! Here’s what’s new:

  • Piece animation has been added. This may require a fairly modern browser.
  • The game log can now be viewed as a compact paragraph instead of a table.
  • Problems with ill-behaved themes (including the 2010 default WordPress theme) leading to badly spaced boards have been addressed.
  • Boards and pieces are now separately themed, and can be chosen independently of each other. A few new themes have been added.
  • A problem with FEN strings specifying Black’s turn has been fixed.
  • An issue with numeric annotation glyphs has been fixed.
  • Various other user interface fixes and tweaks.

As usual, here is the Chess By Blog blurb page. You can download the release directly from the wordpress server:, or first take a look at the Chess by Blog page on

Please post any questions or issues in the comments. If you are having issues, please be sure to post what browser and what version you are using. Happy chess playing!

5 thoughts on “ChessByBlog 1.1.5

  1. Hi!

    Unfortunately chess by blog does not work for me since the latest update (1.1.5): The chess field itself is not displayed at all. I am using WordPress 3.0, with the “LightWord″ theme. My Browser is firefox 3.6.3 on ubuntu 10.04. Downgrading to the old version 1.1.4 of chess by blog solved the issue for me.

    Also: On your page I found a wrong link: The text “” still links to the 1.1.4 version (which was acutally my rescue :) ).

    Best regards and thanks for a great plugin!

  2. Some nice features on this release, but the control bar (with the buttons for castling, etc.) seems to be in the wrong place, and one of my readers can’t see the boards now. He’s using Internet Explorer — not sure which version. I’d like to revert to 1.1.4 but am having trouble installing it. Please advise.


  3. Thanks for the Chess by Blog plugin, it works great! One thing I’ve discovered is the refresh does not appear to work correctly. When the board refreshes, it resets everything to White’s first move. I tried it on live games between registered users on Firefox, Chrome and IE8 and got the same result with each.

  4. This might be a silly question, but is there a similar plug-in for Google’s Blogger / Blogspot? I might have to switch to WordPress just to accommodate this awesome plug in!

  5. I have a comment on the FEN record that describes not only the initial position but chess task. Any pawn that is not on the initial position can not walk for 2 field. How do I fix this?
    div class=”CBB-board” style=”display:hidden;”>
    [CBBWhiteId "*"]
    [CBBBlackId "*"]
    [FEN "4k3/8/pppp4/8/8/4PPPP/8/3K4 w - - 1 1"]
    Any pawn in this position, can walk through the field, this is wrong!
    And if you change the count of the number of moves, the plugin gives an error
    java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: -1, Size: 1

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