ChessByBlog 1.1.4

This version of the plugin is compiled using Google Web Toolkit version 1.7. Along with a small fix to nested PRE within DIV tags, this upgrade of the framework should fix the problems encountered with closed boards under Internet Explorer 8, as well as any other issues specific to that browser that may have been lurking. I also took the opportunity to clean up the code to compile cleanly with no deprecations under GWT 1.7 as well. Anyone who is compiling from source should note that the prior release used GWT 1.5, and the directory structure is completely different in GWT 1.7; the source code in this build reflects that new layout.

This release also moves the config page from the Tools menu to the Settings menu, since this is where most plugin users expect it nowadays.

As usual, here is the Chess By Blog blurb page. You can download the release directly from the wordpress server:, or first take a look at the Chess by Blog page on

Please post any questions or issues in the comments. If you are having issues, please be sure to post what browser and what version you are using. Happy chess playing!

19 thoughts on “ChessByBlog 1.1.4

  1. Thanks, Julian! Version 1.1.4 solved the “closed board” problems like a charm. My players love this plug-in.

  2. Julian, I love this tool it’s a huge help as I’m starting a program where I plan to teach children. However I’m also trying to do some SEO (not that I know anything about SEO)….
    So I’ve used this webpage as a reference…

    They have some themes that are supposed to optimzed for SEO, but when I load them the chessboard does not appear at ALL.
    Which is very strange since I’ve tried other themes that did not work but these.. nothing at all..

    Where would I begin to even trouble shot such a thing?

  3. Hi Paul,

    I took a look at one of those themes. It suffers from a problem that is mentioned at the very bottom of the Chess By Blog main page ( Basically, the theme is missing a call to the WordPress function wp_footer(), and without that call, my plugin can’t bootstrap itself. This theme may also break other plugins. As mentioned on that page, you can fix this problem by editing the footer.php file that comes with the theme, and inserting the necessary line of code:


    at the beginning of the file.

  4. Hello Julian,

    Totally awesome it’s working out great, thanks for the super effort on this plugin.

    I’m sure of a newbie when it comes to wordpress but is there a specific reason that it only appears in “post” and that you can’t use it in “pages”. I’m thinking along the lines that I have blog entires but I might want to create a page where I post games that would not come up at the top of my blog if that makes any sense?

  5. Hi!

    I was able to install your chess plugin, but there is space between each square on the board, like a stripe between each rank and file. Do you have any suggestions? I am new and not sure if simply installing the chess plugin without doing the other stuff mentioned on your site was needed, since just uploading the zipped file seemed to go ok until I saw the chessboard. I use the latest arclite theme and wordpress 2.8.6

    Also, like Paul above, wish there was a simple way to crate a page instead of a post with the plugin.

    Mario Amodeo

  6. Mario – I believe the problem is that the CSS for your theme does this:

    table td, table th{
      text-align: left;
      border-right: 1px solid #e8e1c8;
      padding: .4em .8em;

    It’s applying a padding on *all* tables. If you can remove that padding from your main file and still get the formatting you want, that may work for you. You may also be able to address this by editing ChessByBlog.css for the theme that you are using, and adding:

    .CBB-square table td {
      padding: 0 0;

    I’ll also changes to my stylesheets for future versions to protect them from this sort of problem.

  7. Julian,
    I’ve just started using your plugin, and it’s very nice. However, I’d like to make some changes.
    1. I want to have the move buttons below the board.
    2. I want the moves and annotations in an ordinary paragraph, rather than in scoresheet format.
    3. I want the PGN special characters (e.g. $145, $23, etc…) converted into the correct glyphs, (+=, +/-, etc…) I don’t think the user should have any chess font installed, so we may have to convert some of these to text, e.g.
    4. I would also like to be able to use nested variations. Or at least to show these in the notes without any funny characters.

    I’m a Java developer, but I haven’t written any GWT code. Also, I know very little about php or wordpress :-( But, if you give me a few pointers, I’ll be happy to do at least some of these changes.

    Jonathan O’Connor

  8. Jonathan – you should be able to accomplish all of these without having to touch PHP or the WordPress side of things. You will need the GWT. Once you’ve got GWT installed, copy the src directory of the plugin to the GWT install dir. Then run

    webAppCreator -ignore org.levork.gwt.client.ChessByBlog

    This creates the ant script; running ‘ant build’ compiles the project into Javascript files that sit in war/chessbyblog. You can copy these Javascript files over to a running WordPress install to test them.

    GWT is fairly fast moving target, and recently I’ve had a lot of trouble running with hosted mode (where it actually runs the Java directly, rather than going to Javascript). Your results may vary but if you get it to work, obviously that’ll be a faster workflow.

    As to some suggestions, nearly all of what you want to accomplish is either in or I apologise in advance for the string parsing routines in which are a mess; they were written targetting an early version of GWT which had some String issues which are probably resolved by now.

  9. Removing all borders for my theme worked to fix the way the board is displayed, which is fine since I wasn’t using borders for anything else anyway. Thanks for the tip, Levork!


  10. @Jonathan O’Connor: I like the move buttons right where they are. Everything else I agree. Did you progress in your modifications?

    @levork: Thank you once more for your work. The Chess by blog plugin is still my first choice to show chess games on a wordpress installation.

  11. Ralf – good point. I’ll probably add support for switching between a table and a paragraph in the next version. I’ll be able to spare some time to work on it over the Christmas holidays. :)

  12. Great Plugin… there seems to be a problem with posting FEN notation… Specifically when its blacks turn…

    This works
    [FEN "3Q1R2/5r1p/4N1pk/4pq2/8/7P/5PPK/8 w - - 0 1"]

    this throws an error
    [FEN "3Q1R2/5r1p/4N1pk/4pq2/8/7P/5PPK/8 b - - 0 1"] (TypeError): ‘b’ is null or not an object
    number: -2146823281
    description: ‘b’ is null or not an object


  13. Hi Doug – thanks for the bug report. This will be fixed for the next release, which I hope I will be able to put out within a week or so.

  14. Hi Julian,

    I’ve successfully put the plugin onto the Play Chess page of my website but I don’t know how to configure so that other people can play against each other with that plugin. The PGN notation also doesn’t work after playing a move or some moves. The browser that I’m using is Chrome 5.0.375.70.


  15. Hi Levork,

    I am trying to put together a site to host chess articles and annotations (the website I’m working on is above) and I have contributor that wants to put in a position that stops after ten moves, then write paragraph notes, the put up another position starting on move 10 to the end of the game.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Also, did you ever buildin a way to switch to paragraph view? That would be really helpful. Thank you for any assistance you can render, I really appreciate it!

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