ChessByBlog 1.1.3

Another minor release. Sorry for the extended delay on a major issue, but I’ve been busy nursing my fiancĂ©e back to health, and getting married. Anyways, this release primarily fixes authentication issues primarily seen when using boards inserted by the editor button. It turns out this problem was due to the wpautop() function in WordPress which automatically munges text in posts and inserts <p> tags in the middle of PGN, which screws up the client. This issue has been worked around and should not require disabling wpautop().

The PGN button has also been altered slightly to try to improve functionality when using Internet Explorer. It seems marginally better, but not all the way there yet. (I hate working with IE.)

As usual, here is the Chess By Blog blurb page. You can download the release directly from the wordpress server:, or first take a look at the Chess by Blog page on

Please post any questions or issues in the comments. Happy chess playing!

16 thoughts on “ChessByBlog 1.1.3

  1. Hi Julian,

    I was very happy stumbling upon your plugin when looking for WordPress ‘compatible’ chess software. I’ve been using PGN2JS before, but was looking for something more easy to incorporate ina WordPress blog. Your plugin looks like it fits the bill perfectly.

    However after installing and activating I just can’t seem to find the ‘editor button’ you talk about in the ‘Usage’ paragraph. And yes, I’ve switched back and forth to the HTML view. Am I overseeing something? Or didn’t I understand the instructions and am I looking in completely the wrong location?

    My main goal is to distribute plays of our youth players to be able to replay and discuss online. Any further tips for that?

    Regards, Tony

  2. Oops, I can star in Dumm, Dummer, Dumbest (or how is it called?). I’ve been looking at the editor for pages, not posts………..

    Sorry to bother you (allthough tips are still welcome ;-))

    Regards, Tony

  3. Julian,

    Congratulations and welcome back! Your wonderful plug-in was working fine until last night. Then I upgraded to the new version, and now my logged-in players can move anymore. Can I revert to the old version, or is the change irreversible?


  4. Gah, that’s weird. Does this happen for a new board as well as old boards? If you players log out and log back in, do they still have a problem? Is there any sort of indication that they *should* be allowed to make a move but the move just won’t “take”, or are they seeing “Closed boards”?

    Yes, you should be able to revert to the old version without any problem.

  5. One more question, Robert: did you delete the old version of the plugin when you upgraded? If not, is there a possibility that your users had an old version of the client Javascript files in their cache, and simply needed to shift-reload the browser?

  6. Julian,

    Starting new games (with moves pasted in from the old ones) solved the problems for some players, but not all of them.

    I didn’t delete the old version of the plugin — just let WordPress’s automatic upgrade procedure take care of that. Should I do it manually?

    If all else fails, where can I get version 1.1.2?


  7. Hi Robert –

    Do you have some time over the weekend to maybe coordinate a test with me? It might help for me to have a user account on your blog and to inspect what’s going on from the client side of things, if you’re willing to setup an account and a board for me to look at.

    You can download the older version of the plugin from

    although if it’s not getting in your way I’d still like to see what’s going on with the current version. Feel free to drop me a private e-mail if you’re not comfortable publishing your blog address here.

  8. First of all: Very nice work! When I heard of your Chess-by-blog-Plugin I switched my site from Drupal to WordPress. To me it is one of the most complete solutions for playing chess on a homepage I have found so far. (Maybe you could add autoplay, animated moves and a 3-D-board? ;-)

    But then I experienced perhaps the same problem as Robert mentioned above. With Firefox everything works just as expected. But using IE (8) turns every open game (waiting for my move) into a closed board (black or white to move). It seems as I am not recognized as the correct user although logged in WP.

    Did you find a solution to Roberts problem? May this help in this case too?

  9. I haven’t heard back from Robert yet, so I haven’t made any headway. But your data point that this is happening on IE 8 is very helpful. I will run some tests with that browser and see if I can duplicate any problems.

  10. If you think I can be of any further assistance, please send me a mail. Otherwise I am looking forward to your next release.

  11. Hi Julian,

    thank you for this wordpress-plugin! It really works great and it is fun to play chess with it online.
    There is still one thing I am wondering about: there are some themes in the plugin folder, but I can’t yet figure out how to activate them. The form that opens after hitting the “chess by blog”-button in the editor wont’ show me any options to select a theme and I can’t find an entry concerning this plugin in the “options”-menu in the backend of wordpress. Do I overlook something or is there an other way to change themes?

    Actually I do like to change the (color of the) buttons on top of the board. It’s a minor issue but I really would like to fit the buttons to the color-sheme of the theme I’m using. Specifically I like to use the “alpha-hatch-48/button.png”. Even after I copied the buttons of my desire to all of the themes I still see

    All the best,

  12. Ingmar: the configuration panel for Chess By Blog is actually under “Tools”, not “Settings”. At least, in WordPress 2.8. I think more and more plugins have been using “Settings” lately so I should probably follow suit with that.

    Copying the buttons.png file should have worked – perhaps you needed to clear your browser’s cache after you’re done? If I recall correctly the CSS file just references the buttons.png file and alpha-hatch-48 and wikipedia-48 have the same button size, so they should be somewhat interchangeable. wikipedia-48 has some bevelling to the buttons that’s actually done by the CSS style sheet so you don’t like that you’ll need to edit the ChessByBlog.css file in the respective directory.

  13. Hi,
    thanks for your reply. I actually just didn’t think of checking the “tools”-menu for options. Hey, there they are! I changed the theme to alpha-hatch (whick looks quite perfect with my theme) and by way I found out that it is possible to close to game log by default. Very well.
    Keep on with this nice plugin!

  14. Ralf: I’ve duplicated the problem with IE 8 and I should hopefully be able to get a fix for it by the weekend. Rather bizarrely, it doesn’t happen with IE 7 which is just plain weird. Anyways, sorry for the trouble.

  15. Hi, Julian. Sorry to have vanished for a while — crunch time, you know. The closed-board problem persists, just as Ralf described. Some of the users have solved it by switching to Firefox, but others say that’s not an option for them. Thanks for looking into this.

  16. Ralf, Robert:

    I’ve made a new release of the plugin built against Google Web Toolkit 1.7. The previous plugin used GWT 1.5, and this was known to have issues with IE 8.


    The new release moves the configuration page from Tools to Settings.

    To everyone:

    The new release is 1.1.4, so I’m going to close this post out for new comments. The release post for 1.1.4 is

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