Susan and Wedding Update

I’ve been genuinely busy (really!) and generally not able to commit an hour of brain time to write a decent blog entry. Some of that was self inflicted: I committed to playing cello with the Stanford Savoyards latest production of the Gondoliers, and that more or less killed three consecutive weekends right there.

Beyond that, Susan has been very sick. I’ll avoid duplicating effort and instead point you at the page we wrote for our wedding web site. I can only hope she’s on the mend now that the pancreas is out and she’s off immunosuppression.

Nonetheless, the wedding is definitely still on, in large part due to the heroic efforts of the future in-laws. Caterer, cake maker, florist, DJ have all been committed to, with two months to spare, and invitations were all sent out yesterday. Yes, life continues here even when I’m not posting about it.

One thought on “Susan and Wedding Update

  1. I’m so sorry about the rejection, and for all the complications that preceded it. On behalf of two of my sons I’ve been waiting for a diabetes cure for almost 20 years, now. I no longer expect to see that in my lifetime; but maybe something will turn up in time for my youngest son…

    Best wishes to you and to Susan for your upcoming wedding!

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