A decade at Pixar

I started work at Pixar on Thursday, January 21st, 1999, so today is my tenth anniversary.

I was supposed to start on Monday the 18th, but INS saw fit to deny my entry into the country, mainly because I’d chosen to believe something I’d read on the Internet instead of following the advice of the immigration lawyers. Then on the second day of work, I went to my first beer bash, and had a beer and probably a slice of Zachary’s pizza. At the time I wasn’t consciously aware that the drinking age in the States was higher than in British Columbia. So second day on the job, and already getting Pixar into legal trouble. You can see the seeds of a pattern of behaviour that perhaps hasn’t changed all that much over the ten years.

Anyways, thanks to all of my co-workers in the RenderMan group, past and present, for being supportive, helpful, and generally cool enough to make the last ten years go by in a blink, even through offices in six separate buildings and three zip codes.

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